My First Experience With “Moo Thai”

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So It was about Nov 2007 when I seen my first real “Moo Thai” fight as I called it back then. It all started when a friend of mine from work and I were talking about getting fit. I had just gone out and brought my self a brand new Honda CR 125  motor cross bike and I wanted to get fit so I could race the next aec89761850f51a53c361952c1a034easeason. My friend had started “Moo Thai” a month or so earlier and he was loving it, he would go on about it to me for ages. I had some sort of idea about what it was as I had been to a few Kickboxing classes years earlier and i had wanted to learn how to fight properly to protect my self for some time but never got around to it. My friend was trying to get me to come do personal lessons with this guy at his house. I was like “yeah ill come” but I didn’t ever go i was to busy partying. After a while my friend ended up getting a heap of tickets to a fight show called Knees Of Fury in Adelaide, South Australia. I went with  my friend and a few others from work. As soon as I walked in my eyes lit up it was so awesome with all the lights and the big ring in the middle, the atmosphere was amazing!! I sat down with my friends who were all drinking and carrying on at the time not really watching what was going on. I didn’t drink I was stuck to my seat I couldn’t take my eyes of these fighters. The way they held them selves up there in that ring and the way the crowd reacted to every punch and every kick they threw “Oi, Oi Oi” just had me on the edge of my seat. After a few fights I thought it can’t get any better than this but I was wrong when I seen two female fighters walk out to the ring! I was even more amazed when one of them was a girl named Heidi Giersch. Heidi was a girl I had known a few years earlier. These girls looked so fit and strong and they battled it out just like the guys but at a much faster pace. I couldn’t belive this girl that I knew was up there doing this crazy sport. It was at that moment when I seen those two females up 868af3bed01b2da1921d2aaeef5e0fe4there in that ring giving it everything that they had. They were throwing punches, kicks, knees and clinching and showing that females can fight just as good as the men. That was the moment I knew this is what im ment to do! If they can do it then so can I! After the show I was so excited and eager to learn “Moo Thai” I went to training with my friend about 2 weeks later. I was one of those people who said they wanted to fight before they had even trained but I was probably only one of a small amount that ever followed through with it. The motor cross bike was sold and the gloves were put on.

I now know that “Cows Moo, We Muay!” 🙂

So that was the story of my first real Muay Thai encounter and that is how my Muay Thai journey started 🙂 ❤

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3 thoughts on “My First Experience With “Moo Thai”

  1. What a great introduction to the sport. I had been doing Muay Thai for two years before I ever saw a real (quality) live fight! I love that last line, “The motor cross bike was sold and the gloves were put on.”

    • yes i was lucky to have been able to see such a awesome show with quality fights straight up.
      HAHA My Dad isnt too keen on me fighting he still tells me i should be on a motor cross bike not in the ring. He is slowly comming around ive managed to get him to watch my fights on dvd now but i dont think he will ever come to one live. thats a whole other story! 🙂

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