Welcome :)


Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Natasha Sky ( was O’Neil but i just got married yay! ) I’m a female Muay Thai fighter from Australia. Over time i will be posting about my different experiences that i have come across while i have been involved in Muay Thai as a fighter and a trainer. My experiences training at different gyms in Australia and Thailand. The ups and downs and the unbelievable!!! This blog stuff is all new to me so bare with me as im not very good with computer stuff or even with words at the best of times :). I hope that some of my stories will inspire and also help new and up and coming fighters with the struggles of becoming what they dream to be. I know that living the life as a fighter is not easy so to hear that you are not alone always helps. I also hope that you can get a bit of a laugh out off some of the stories i will post too. I will try to write them in short stories on different stages of my fight career.

Well this is my first ever blog im excited 🙂 haha! I guess the next one will be one about where it all started 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Welcome :)

  1. Yay, looking forward to read about your adventures. Got here through Sylvie’s blog, I just started “moo tai” 1½ months ago and can’t get enough of it.

    • Hey,
      Thanks for your support!! i have some stories to tell some good and bad and if u have any questions about mauy thai or training feel free to ask 🙂 Its very addictive when u first start thats for sure! i remember not even being able to sleep cause i couldnt stop thinking about it and then when i did sleep i would dream about it haha!

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